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WOW Thing from SRS Labs

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A new consumer product, the WOW Thing is a small audio processor that connects between your computer, TV, portable "boom box", or any other stereo music playback system and either your headphones or powered speakers. The WOW uses the patented spatial process called SRS or Sound Retrieval System that has found its way into many higher end stereo products. The WOW Thing processes any normal stereo recording into a wider-than-normal panoramic stereo audio image. In addition, there is a bass enhancement mode that will belie your speakers' capabilities. This extra stereo width and bass energy help to make multi-media or any smaller speakers sound bigger and better. Selling for $29.95, the WOW Thing comes with all the necessary cables and power supply for instant hookup to your stereo or computer. You'll be able to control the stereo width with the (•) WOW control and also add additional subsonic bass with the (•) TruBass control. The WOW Thing process is also available as a software plug-in for MP3 players such as WinAmp. (MacAmp version coming!) At you will be able to order the unit and/or the plug-in. For more about this little jewel, contact SRS Labs Inc., at 949-442-1070 or Web to:

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