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SSL Axiom MT with Ver 2.2

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Version 2.2 software updates significantly and enhances the already incredible abilities of the all-digital SSL Axiom MT recording and mixing console. The new software is further optimized by the use of some new hardware options. Starting on the hardware side, the SuperAnalogue™ microphone pre-amp resolves all the disagreements concerning quality and latency when overdubbing on the Axiom. The new linear motors used in the moving faders have virtual detents and LED displays making level matching easy. The fader modules are also "hot-swappable" making quick, mid-session servicing a reality. The new metering options for the stereo channels and other signal paths show more information when the console is configured in a complex mix and routing setup. The new software offers a choice of equalizer "profiles" that are assignable to any channel or group. There are also latency management tools that time-compensate the signal paths when patching external analog outboard gear into an all-digital mix. Lastly, there are some added mixing features that make the whole system more flexible and familiar to the new user.

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