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XLogic Outboard Equipment from SSL Top-end professional mixing console maker Solid State Logic now offers a new line of outboard processing gear taken directly from the company's world-class SuperAnalogue™ XL 9000 K Series console. This means that any musician, producer, engineer or songwriter can afford and use some of the same gear as multi-million dollar studios.

Pictured are the five new units. They are from top to bottom: the remote control unit for the XLogic SuperAnalogue Mic Amp, the XLogic SuperAnalogue Mic Amp front end, the XLogic Channel Strip, the classic G Series Stereo Compressor, and the XLogic 5.1 Compressor (Called the world's first surround compressor).

My immediate attention went to the remotely-controlled mic pre-amps because I love any new technology the enables me, by its inherent design philosophy, to make better recordings. With microphone pre-amp system divided into two pieces: the XLogic SuperAnalogue Mic Amp front end out in the studio and the XLogic Remote in the control room, the mic amps are now very close to the microphones and sound sources. Instead of long mic lines that can degrade quality, the microphone's signal is brought up to a hot line level and then sent on to the control room. Furthermore, there is a headphone monitor jack on the mic pre-amp front end for listening, adjusting gain locally, and more carefully placing each microphone. You'll avoid all the trips back and forth from the control to the studio when moving mics and getting sounds.

There are four XL 9000 K Series Microphone Pre-amplifiers in the 1U rack-mounting unit that use servo driven motorized gain controls. These are DC-coupled mic pres that also work standalone or directly from a suitably configured SSL XL 9000 K console. The XLogic Remote controls up to four channels at a time for up to 96 channels total.

Third unit in the stack is the XLogic Channel; an XL 9000 K Series SuperAnalogue channel strip in a 1U rack mount unit featuring: SuperAnalogue Pre-amplifier with mic, line or instrument inputs, Twin-Curve Dynamics, High and Low Pass Filters, G series and E series Twin-Curve EQ--4 band parametric EQ, and optional digital interface card.

Finally, there is XLogic G Series Console Stereo Compressor and underneath is the XLogic Multichannel Compressor unit that uses the classic SSL center section compressor design. For much more contact Solid State Logic at:

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