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RUM 16/24 from Blackhurst Stagegear

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Stagegear RUM 16/24 Pictured is the RUM 16/24 road utility rack case with a mixer well for any rackmounted mixer. These are three-lid designs that provide access to all equipment connections. The RUM is one of many heavy-duty gray carpet covered, all birch wood road cases made by Blackhurst Stagegear that feature the finest components and construction techniques making them last three to four times longer than standard ATA (Airline Transit Authority) approved cases. In fact Stagegear's Bob Blackhurst mentioned that many times for only about 20 to 25% of the new cost he re-conditions Stagegear cases that are eight to ten years old. Part of a very large custom-made line and available in sizes from two to thirty rack spaces, the RUM measures 21 inches wide by 44 inches high and 24 inches deep. Maximum weight handling is 300lbs and the MSRP is $863 and options include removable dolly casters, other wheel choices, a rear rack rail, and full shock mounting. For much more and a complete listing of all kinds of road cases for recording, musical, theatrical, lighting and pro sound gear, check or call 714-632-7170 or FAX 714-632-7304.

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