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Cubase VST24 4.0

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The three software suites from Steinberg all build from the new Cubase VST 4.0. This "tier" approach makes sense for users who want to have a full-featured, no-compromise virtual computer music system for either MAC or PC computers. On top of VST 4.0, Cubase VST24 adds digital audio recording up to 24 bits with up to 96khz sample rate, using hardware from companies such as Lexicon, Apogee, Sonorus, Event and Digidesign. VST24 also includes an additional 32 tracks of digital audio above Cubase VST and Cubase Score VST for a total of 96 tracks of digital audio. Cubase Score VST adds professional notation, editing, layout and printing.

Standalone Cubase VST 4.0 features 64-audio tracks and a fully automated mixer with up to 4 bands of high quality real-time parametric EQ per channel, 4 insert effects per channel, 8 send effects and 8 master effects for over 300 real-time multi effects such as reverb, chorus, delay, distortion and panning. Both MIDI and Audio are treated together as mixing elements within the mixer. The Master Section contains various digital mix down features including different file formats, bit rates and sample rates to create a stereo file of your project complete with automation, effects and EQ.

VST's open architecture allows for additional DSP and real-time plug-in effects from Steinberg and third party developers such as Waves, Prosoniq, Waldorf and Arboretum. Cubase VST24 sells for $799 MSRP. For more information about VST 4.0, VST Score and VST24, you can contact Steinberg in Germany at Postfach 26 18 33 D-20508 Hamburg. Web at:

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