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GRM Tools Vol. 2 from Steinberg

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GRM Tools Vol. 2 Steinberg has released a powerful new collection of effects processors for PC and Mac VST. These flexible, high quality sound designer tools are the perfect compliment to the Shuffling, Comb Filters, Band Pass and PitchAccum processors in GRM Tools Vol. 1.

GRM Vol. 2 includes four new plug-ins: FREEZE lets you select a 3-second sample from an audio source and create as many as 32 loops. You can control the duration and synchronization of loops, timing, speed of replay and number of simultaneous loops. RESON has 128 high-pass, low-pass or band-reject filters, each working on a single frequency. The effect is to create an ensemble of very soft resonances from the input signal allowing non-melodic instruments (like drums) to play melodies. DOPPLER is a great effect producing some interesting effects using a two-dimensional control. DELAY is a collection of 128 variable delays, with amplitude and timing control for each. In stereo, the delays alternate from the left to the right channels.

GRM Tools Vol. 2 sells for $199 MSRP and for much more about these and other Steinberg VST plug-ins, contact Steinberg North America, 9200 Eton Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311. Phone them at: 818-678-5100. Web at: or

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