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Steinberg Plex Plex is a VST 2.0 virtual synthesizer that uses "restructuring" synthesis to create virtually limitless sound possibilities. Using its new audio analysis technology, Plex divides the original sound into four different components: lower spectrum, higher spectrum, filter characteristics and amplitude envelope. Each of these components is pure: they do not contain any part or cannot be influenced by any of the other components. So the low spectrum contains neither amplitude, envelope or filter characteristics information of the original sound. You can use any component in any way you want and still create sound. Each of the four components is editable just as in any synthesizer. You could use the low spectrum of a P-bass sample with the high spectrum of a triangle, the filter characteristics of a piano and the amplitude envelope of a ride cymbal. The brilliant screen interface makes this seemingly complex 'science fiction' process very easy.Steinberg Plex Screen Main features and capabilities are: freely swap in real-time the four parts of 33 sound sources; 97 special pre-analyzed sound sources (a built-in sounds library) including acoustic, synthetic and filter characteristics; over 300 preset patches from well-known sound designers; three ADSR envelopes; three advanced sync-able LFOs; modulation section with stereo delay and flanger effects; all parameters accessible via MIDI; up to 64 voices; and pitch LFO.

Plex sells for $249.99 MSRP and will run in any VST 2.0 host and on newer Macs or PCs. For much more, contact Steinberg North America at 9200 Eton Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311. Telephone 818-678-5100 or visit:

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