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NS/Stick by Steinberger and Chapman

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Stick Enterprises has a fretboard tapping instrument co-designed by Ned Steinberger and Emmett Chapman. The NS/Stick is an eight-string, stereo bass/guitar that plays both as standard bass and standard guitar. The very low action allows picking, plucking and strumming as well as tapping and the bridge tuners at the tailpiece have a caliper-like precision and feel. The neck is a bolt-on with 34-inch bass guitar scale length and adjustable truss rod.

A wide variety of tunings are possible such as all fourths from a low B or like a standard guitar with two additional lower fourths. There is also an adjustable damper at the first fret that eliminates ringing notes during tapping. The two pairs of pickups can provide a stereo sound with one pickup set for the lower strings and the other set for the upper strings. The NS/Stick sells for $1,595 with active EMG-FT stacked double-coil pickups or $1,095 with passive pickups. For more about it you can contact Stick Enterprises at 818-884-2001 or WEB at:

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