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DiscSavers® from Stomp Inc.

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Stomp Discsavers DiscSavers® are polypropylene plastic cases for music CDs or CD-ROMs. Thinner and more impact resistant than CD jewel cases, DiscSavers come in red, blue, green and yellow colors in addition to clear. All the cases are transparent so that you can easily read the label on the CD while the thinner size lets you cut your storage space nearly in half as compared to jewel cases. Stomp also makes a reusable plastic storage case that holds up to 50 DiscSavers. DiscSavers sell for $14.99 for a case of 50 and $3.99 for a ten pack. For more contact, Stomp Inc. 1012 Brioso Drive, Suite 104, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Phone 949-250-6771. Visit

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