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The Studer V-Eight is an eight-channel 20-bit digital recorder that uses the ADAT Type II format and S-VHS cassettes. Studer uses a rigid, die-cast chassis for its professional S-VHS deck... a design feature used by many professional video recorders. Several units will synchronize together for sample-accurate, many-track recording sessions. The V-Eight includes integrated timecode capability with "chase lock", jog/shuttle knob with the ability to monitor audio from an pre-recorded analog aux track whilst spooling and a built-in front panel monitor mixer. Other good things are: illuminated keys and easy-to-read vacuum displays that allows users to see and access functions in a darken room, selectable dither for 16-bit resolution, built-in autolocator, track delay, track copy, digital routing, SMPTE/EBU reader and synchronizer, MIDI synching and parallel Studer interface connections. Synchronization methods include: internal, word clock, video (PAL or NTSC), ADAT optical, ADAT Synch In, AES/EBU or SMPTE/EBU TC.

Audio input is by way of eight balanced transformer analog inputs or digitally by way of ADAT optical or optional AES/EBU-3 interface. Analog outputs come from either eight electronically balanced spigots or digitally as above.

For more about the Studer V-Eight 20-bit recorder, you can write or call Studer Professional Audio USA at 1449 Donelson Pike, Airpark Business Center 12 Nashville, TN 37217 or call 615-399-2199 or FAX 615-367-9046 or WEB at:

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