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2BA-221 Mic/Line Module from Summit

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2BA-221 Mic/Line Module from Summit The Summit Audio 2BA-221 is a half-rack space tube and solid-state microphone and line level pre-amp. This single channel unit has a sweepable high-pass filter and multiple, simultaneous tube and solid-state outputs. There is an insert jack for an external processor connection and the internal power supply makes the 2BA-221 a portable unit you can use anywhere.

One very unique feature is the variable microphone input impedance control. You can adjust the XLR mic input impedance from 100 ohms to 10K ohms for a whole range of new and different sounds from your existing microphone collection. Also interesting to me are the separate 1/4-inch Hi-Z/Line and microphone inputs that can be mixed together for combining a microphone and a direct signal to a common output. Think: mixing direct bass and bass amp mic signals together. There are also phase reverse switch, a three LED "stop light" level meter, -20dB attenuator pad, +48 volt phantom power on/off, three independent gain stages and both 1/4-inch and XLR output jacks.

The 2BA-221 sells for $695 MSRP, comes with a three-year warranty and you can stack inputs linking multiple 2BA-221s as a mixing device. Contact Summit Audio at 831-728-1302 or visit

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