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Summit MPE-200

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The flagship of the Element 78 product line, the MPE-200 is a digitally controlled Class A analog recording path designed by Rupert Neve. This stereo or two-channel unit consists of a microphone pre-amp, high and low pass filters and a full featured four-band parametric equalizer for each channel.

The front panel controls, instead of directly adjusting pots in the equalizer circuits themselves like any other equalizer, are really shaft encoders that send precise values to a digital controller interface. The digital controller applies these values (numbers) to the individual analog sections of the unit. The advantages of this remote control are many.

First, the values can be stored in any of the 25 user memories for instant recall of your favorite settings for recording that lead vocal or guitar track. You can use MIDI to store more settings and for selecting memory locations through MIDI sequencer Program Change commands. Furthermore, since the front panel shaft encoders are digital, there will never be a "scratchy" pot or dodgy switch on this unit to replace later on. Lastly, only a single front panel is required to control many "slave" equalizer units. You could, conceivable, build an entire recording console with one front panel and dozens of slave equalizer channels.

Brief audio specifications for the microphone section are: 64dB of gain in 1dB increments; frequency response is -0.5dB 10Hz to 100kHz; noise at 60dB of gain is -128dBu into 150 ohms; input impedance is 10k ohm; while distortion products at +20dBu output are measured at below .0025%. Equally impressive specifications for the low frequency and high frequency equalizer sections are: peaking or shelving equalization + or - 16dB in increments of 2dB with fine zoom adjustment of 0.5dB; 17 frequency steps between 30Hz and 290Hz and 17 steps between 2.0kHz and 20kHz. The low midrange and high midrange sections have: up to + or - 16dB in 2dB steps and 0.5 fine; 17 LMF frequency steps between 100Hz and 1.0kHz and 17 HMF steps between 500Hz and 5.0kHz. For much more about this wonderful new piece from Summit, you can call Summit Audio at 831-464-2448 or visit their site at:

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