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Symantec's Norton SystemWorks 3.0 for MAC OSX

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Symantec's Norton SystemWorks 3.0 for MAC OSX First on the market with native MAC OSX utility software, SystemWorks 3.0 bundles Symantec's flagship Norton Utilities 8.0 and AntiVirus 9.0 on a single CD-ROM partitioned into bootable versions for both OS 9 and OSX.

Norton Utilities 8.0 is a 'must have' for anyone with a MAC for any and all disk drive problems that arise. Of course Symantec makes all these products for Win/Tel PCs too. There are complete disk repair utilities (Disk Doctor); data recovery tools (Volume Recover and UnErase); and disk optimization for faster more efficient computer operation (Speed Disk and Wipe Info).

Norton AntiVirus 9.0 protects your computer from viruses contained on CD-ROMs, floppy discs or files you have downloaded from the Internet. MAC owners mistakenly assume they are immune from viruses since MACs make up only about 3-4% of the world's computers and hackers can't be bothered to code an attack aimed at MACs. This 'myth' can finally be put to rest now since OSX relies on the Unix command line structure--the most ubiquitous computer language in the world. The other misunderstanding is that even though a virus meant for a PC lies dormant and ineffective on your MAC, there is nothing to prevent it from being passed on to everyone in your e-mail address book--until now with AntiVirus 9.0. Specifiaclly for MACs, AntiVirus 9.0 scans for all PC virues, worms and Trojan Horses and is updated automatically by LiveUpdate.

A one-year subscription to LiveUpdate comes with SystemWorks 3.0 with yearly renewals a nominal charge. If you don't renew, everything still works fine and you can still obtain software updates but you will not get the latest virus updates to stay fully protected. Other extras in the SystemWorks 3.0 bundle are: Norton Scheduler for setting up LiveUpdate, virus scans and Filesaver routines; Aladdin's Spring Cleaning, a program that scans for unused or not needed bits of software and allows you to get rid of them; and a much improved Dantz Retrospect Express for backup copies of your computer's entire hard drive.

Symantec's SystemWorks sells for $129.95 and you can purchase it online at You can also buy both Norton Utilities 8.0 and AntiVirus 9.0 separately for $99 and $69 respectively. Symantec Corporation at 408-253-9600. Visit

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