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Tannoy's Reveal Monitor

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A two-way discrete monitor, Reveal is ideal for nearfield monitoring in project studios, mobiles, broadcast, audio post and AV applications. The Reveal's stylish front panel is not just for looks as the curved and sturdy baffle has been designed to minimize diffraction and provide a non-resonant mounting platform for the drivers. Speaking of drivers, the soft dome tweeter is matched with a long throw bass unit using a wired, (not PC board) low loss crossover. Both drivers are magnetically shielded for operation proximate to video monitors. The Tannoy Reveal is said to provide a detailed and dynamic sound with a wide, flat frequency response. For much more information and current prices, you can write or call TGI North America Inc. at: 300 Gage Ave.., Suite #1, Kitchener, Ontario N2M 2C8 519-745-1158 or FAX 519-745-2364

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