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Tascam's TM-D1000

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The new TM-D1000 is a digital audio mixer that integrates with Tascam's DA-88 or Sony's PCM-800 DTRS® format digital eight-track recorders. The 16-channel mixer has four analog XLR mic inputs with phantom power, eight channels of TDIF-1 digital I/O for direct connection to your digital eight-track, two AES/EBU digital outputs and two S/PDIF outputs for direct connection to your DAT. You can connect a second eight-track recorder and four more channels of AES/EBU or S/PDIF with the optional IF-TD1000 interface card. The FX-1000 card adds four channels of dynamic processing like compression, gating and limiting as well as a single stereo effects processor for reverbs, chorus, delay or flanging.

Getting audio into the TM-D1000 is a breeze since there is also a digital external input, eight TRS balanced analog inputs and unbalanced RCA-jack inputs. By way of an external MIDI sequencer, you may store up to 128 "scenes" that memorize EQ, aux sends, pan, mutes, and effect setups. Since the unit has MMC, (that's MIDI Machine Control), you can run the whole session right from the mixing position with the on-board transport controls. I should think with a fully loaded 16-track TM-D1000, there would be few modern recording tasks you couldn't do.

Selling for $1,199 retail, there is more information available from Tascam at 7733 Telegraph Road, Montebello, CA 90640. Call them at 213-726-0303 or WEB to:

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