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The DA-38 is an eight-track digital tape recorder that uses the same Hi-8 format as Tascam's DA-88 so there is complete compatiblty between tapes made on either machine. The DA-38 is specifically designed for the musician with many new features that make recording a more streamlined process.

The unique Electronic Patchbay eliminates the "repatching" necessary each time you change recording tracks. You can leave the microphone patched to input #1 and then re-direct the mic's signal to any other track without pulling cables, etc. The Digital Track Copy feature allows for "comping" the best performances from many different tracks down to a single track for your final, ultimate performance. This happens in all-digital domain for no loss in audio quality. The Auto Punch In/Out feature lets you perfect difficult punch in/outs for assembly editing. Tascam has also included Track Advance and Delay in the DA-38 so that individual tracks or any group of tracks can be "slipped" back and ahead. This is a valuable feature when the "feel" of your music must be altered. By the way, all if these functions are accomplished from the front panel controls, buttons and Jog Wheel.

If you add the optional MMC-38 MIDI Machine Control Interface, the DA-38 will operate under MIDI Machine Control by chasing your sequence with all transport controls fully supported. The DA-38 uses 18-bit delta-sigma A/D converters with 64 times oversampling and 20-bit delta-sigma D/A converters with 8 times oversampling. Priced at $3,499 retail, the DA-38 is available from Tascam at 7733 Telegraph Road, Montebello, CA 90640. Phone them at 213-726-0303. You can call Tascam Faxback at 800-827-2268 or WEB to:

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