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Tascam's DA-98

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The DA-98 builds on Tascam's famed DA-88 modular digital eight-track machine. The DA-98 includes these new features: confidence monitoring (actual playback from tape whilst in record mode to check for quality), individual input monitor, switchable reference levels, electronic patchbay, digital track copy function, LCD display, numeric keys for system operation, built-in synchronizer and parallel bus interface.

Tascam has updated the DA-88 with many professional features that are common or optional on full-pro digital multitracks. Furthermore, all tapes are interchangeable between DA-88's, DA-38's, DA-98's or the Sony PCM-800 system.

The DA-98 synchronization capabilities include both MIDI Machine Control and Sony P2 protocols as well as the new parallel interface. Digital track copy is a definite "pro" feature that allows compilation of numerous tracks of performances down to a single track...all in digital domain without quality degradation. The electronic patchbay allows you route the analog inputs from any of the eight track record inputs to any of the other track input's without the necessities of physically moving patch cords in your patchbay. Other options include: the RC-848 remote controller; the MU-8824 24-channel meter bridge and both the IF-88AE and IF-88SD digital interfaces.

The new DA-98 sells for $5,999 retail and for more information, you can call Tascam at 213-726-0303 or write them at 7733 Telegraph Road, Montebello, CA 90640. Tascam has a FAXBACK service at 800-827-2268. Use document #2570 or WEB to:

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