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Tascam's Dual DAT Deck

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The DA-302 is Tascam's dual DAT recorder. If you use DAT's a lot, then this is an obvious tool for improving and speeding the process of mixing, recording and copying.

The unit is really two separate DAT machines with individual analog and digital inputs and outputs. You can use the two decks independently for recording or playback. If you mix to DAT tape, then you can record both the master tape as well as the safety-backup master at the same time. When you want to dub from one DAT to another DAT tape, you can use the high speed dubbing feature. The new Append dubbing function allows you to start dubbing at any position on the master tape without the necessity of rewinding to the beginning. For archiving data digitally to external devices, the DA-302's digital output format selection supports both the S/PDIF and AES/EBU protocols. The DA-302 uses the proven one-bit Delta Sigma A/D and D/A converter technology with either 48kHz., 44.1kHz. or 32kHz. rates.

Another feature that is common to analog cassette decks but unheard of with DAT decks is continuos or relay record. If you put a 120 minute DAT in each deck of the DA-302 and select Long Play (32kHz sample rate) you can record up to eight hours.

Priced at $1,999 retail, the DA-302 will work in any studio and you can add the LA-D302 balanced analog I/O kit if you require XLR balanced inputs and outputs. Tascam is located at 7733 Telegraph Road, Montebello, CA 90640. Call them at 213-726-0303 or 800-827-2268 for Faxback of tech document #2420 or WEB to:

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