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MD-301 MiniDisc Recorder from Tascam

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The MD-301 is designed for radio broadcast, live theater, concert halls, project studios or any application where instant play and random access are required. The unit has RCA-type unbalanced input and output audio jacks, on-board sample rate converter (that automatically converts, via the digital ports, 48kHz or 32kHz DAT sample rates to 44.1kHz) and both optical and coaxial digital inputs and outputs. The MD-301 editing functions possible with the RC-3 wireless remote controller are: repeat play, shuffle play and program play. There is also a Timer Record/Play function for unattended operation.

The MD-301 sells for $899 retail and for much more information you can call or write Tascam at 7733 Telegraph Road, Montebello, CA 90640. The phone is 213-726-0303. You can also use Tascam Faxback at 800-827-2268 and request document #3320 or WEB to:

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