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Tascam MX-2424 24-Trk/24-Bit Hard Disk Recorder

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The new MX-2424 is slightly larger than an ADAT recorder but is a full 24-track random access recorder/player/editor. The basic price is $4,000 and your music is recorded on an internal, nine-GB SCSI hard drive. There is the option to install a tape drive, DVD-RAM or any other removable backup media system in a blank, front panel slot.

The MX is all about options you can add to fit the unit to your particular audio production needs. The unit comes standard with two channels of AES/EBU and SPDIF digital I/O that can be routed to any of the 24 disk channels. Optionally, you can add 24 channels of TDIF, ADAT Optical or AES/EBU digital multitrack I/O. You may also record at 96kHz sample and 24-bit depths on up to 12 tracks. All standard synchronization methods are covered by the SMPTE LTC, word clock, video sync, MIDI Machine Control and MIDI Time Code features.

The unit will record and play standard AIFF, Wave and Sound Designer II audio files and is compatible with both MAC or PC disk formats. The system uses TimeLine's Open Track List edit decision list format (or Open TL™) that has been made freely available to the audio industry. ViewNet MX™ is an included Java-based software editing application that provides networked graphical editing on any external computer by way of the MX's built-in Ethernet port. However, you can perform most types of edits from the front panel or the optional RC-2424 remote.

Up to 32 MX's can be chained together using the TL-Bus that carries common sample clocking and time position information. The optional TL-Sync synchronizer will link the MX to any DTRS, ADAT, MMC and Sony 9-pin serial devices as well as TimeLine's Lynx-2 modules. Future software updates and revisions are loaded using the front panel Smart Card flash ROM slot or by way of the Ethernet port. For much more about this new unit, contact Tascam at 323-726-0303 or WEB to:

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