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Priced at under $2,000 retail, the M2000 is a 20-bit, multi-effect and multi-use processor based on the famed M5000 unit. Using the same DARC processor, the M2000 is a 20-bit in and 20-bit out stereo unit with both analog input/outputs and digital in/outs.

The internal 24-bit processing provides for a dynamic range of 105dB, a total harmonic distortion figure of .003% and a frequency response of 10Hz to 20kHz. There are 250 factory presets and 250 slots for user settings. The M2000 has two separate processors or "engines" which means you may configure two, fully realized effects without compromising or limiting the total processing power of either engine.

Effects include: reverb, pitch, delay, chorus, ambiance, EQ, de-essing, phasing, compression and stereo enhance. For live use especially, the unit has a preset "gliding" or morphing function that lets you change from one effect to another even during effect processing without glitches. This morphing ability can be programmed dynamically so you could have a long reverb effect for a vocal when the singer is soft and then gradually "morph" the reverb into a short room effect when the vocal volume increases. Since the M2000 has digital ins and outs, you can also use the unit as a digital "mastering" processor in between a master DAT machine and another DAT copy machine for overall equalization, compression or stereo enhancement of final mixes. All sample rates are supported.

I like the easy way the M2000 programs. The interface is single-layered in that all the parameters are just one level deep. All the parameters are named with the real abbreviations because you can use as many letters as you want to name things. I had no problem using and changing all the presets without reading the manual. (Not the norm for me when I'm presented with a new piece) The large graphic display is easy to read and the controls are instantly usable. The M2000 is fully dynamic MIDI-implemented and you can save patches via a PCMCIA Type 1 card.

For much more about you can contact TC Electronics here in Westlake Village, CA at 805-373-1828, FAX 805-379-2648 or E-mail to: or WEB at:

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