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FireworX from TC Electronics

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FireworX is the natural extension of the popular M2000 multi-effects processor. While the M2000 focuses on providing conventional reverbs, delays and room simulations, the FireworX adds 20 more algorithms including: ring modulator, resonant filter, pitch shifting, synthesizer, format filter, noise and distortion generators, vocoder and reverse delay. There are 20 modulation sources, full tempo control and extensive routing capability. With two envelope generators, two ADSR generators, pitch detection to two internal LFO's and eight MIDI external controllers, you have complete control over the nature, sound, dynamics and evolution of your self-created processing effect.

The built-in lighted LCD screen shows you an eight by eight routing grid where you can place algorithms anywhere and see them automatically wired together. The Preset page scrolls through either the User bank or the PCMCIA card slot's memory banks for preset effects. The I/O Setup page shows how you get audio in and out of the unit since you can use either ADAT LitePipe, 24-bit AES/EBU digital or SPDIF as well as the balanced XLR analog connections. The Edit page gets you around all the core parameters of each effect in the unit. Tool menu page outlines the total DSP power under use and Modifier is a digital alchemy page that allows you "get jiggy" with all the possible combinations of modulation sources. Freeform is a small sequencer that will rhythmically modify your effects.

The FireworX Studio Multi-Effects processor sells for $2,195. For much more about you can contact TC Electronics here in Westlake Village, CA at 805-373-1828, FAX 805-379-2648 or E-mail to: or WEB at:

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