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Spark 1.5 from TC Works

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Spark is a digital audio mastering editor for the MAC. Priced at $499, version 1.5 offers complete stereo-based editing, realtime processing and mastering tools all in a single browser window. You can edit a file, build a playlist, check phase correlation and levels, dither and use the realtime FXmachine. With FX machine, up to four stereo audio pairs with up to five plug-ins each can be routed and processed simultaneously.

TC Native CL, a single-band compressor/limiter optimized for mastering, is also included with this software. Spark is also capable of time stretching where tempo can be changed without altering pitch. The realtime engine uses 32-bit floating point precision and supports files up to 24-bit and 96kHz sample rate. AIFF, QuickTime, SDII and Wave files are supported. Other attractive features are: tool boxes for checking on sample rate, bit depth, zoom factor tool and time correction; waveform scrubbing, drawing and editing with the very pro abilities to normalize, reverse, fade, crossfade, and pitch correct. Version 1.5 adds Master View as a plug-in, independent of the Spark application, in both VST and MAS for Macs.

For much more about Spark, you can contact TC Electronics here in Westlake Village, CA at 805-373-1828, FAX 805-379-2648 or E-mail to: or WEB at:

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