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The MP3 and The Internet Audio Handbook

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The MP3 and The Internet Audio Handbook is a complete atlas about the current state of Internet-based music audio. The tome covers all methods of streaming, downloading, uploading and managing music from the Net. Over 300 pages, the book is divided into five parts: Digital Music And The Internet; Turning Your PC Into A CD-Quality Jukebox; Understanding Digital Audio; Recording Music On Your PC; and Step-by-Step Tutorials on various popular software suites.

Part 1, Digital Music and The Internet, describes all the on-line music formats such as Liquid Audio and MP3, Internet radio stations, record labels and all the issues concerning piracy and copyrights. Part 2, Turning Your PC Into a CD-Jukebox, talks about what software and hardware you'll need and where to get it. Part 3 is a complete tutorial on digital music and all the data compression schemes used to the shorten download time of music files. Part 4 gets inside your PC to show you how to use that hard drive and "rip" or extract audio from your music CD's and then compile and store by burning CD's of your personalized music collection. The complete tutorial in Part 5 will augment your understanding of popular music programs such as Winamp that's available free on the Internet. Programs like Audio Catalyst, Cool Edit 96 and Easy CD Creator are also reviewed.

A complete compendium of useful and diversified information, The MP3 and Internet Audio Handbook is necessary for anybody interested in this exciting new music delivery and collection method. Available for $24.95, this handbook was written by Bruce Fries with Marty Fries and published by TeamCom Books at:

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