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The newest SansAmp model is the Acoustic DI which uses a tube/microphone emulation specifically tailored for the acoustic guitar. The unit also suppresses unwanted feedback while still providing a natural warm sound and presence....just like a well-miked acoustic guitar. Designed for both live and studio use, the Acoustic DI plugs directly into the mixing console and is either phantom powered or powered by an optional nine-volt power supply. The unit can be also used as an active direct box with or without the on-board equalizer for recording any guitar or synthesizer output.

Active tone controls include: bass and treble with boost or cut of 12db; a sweepable, semi-parametric mid-range equalizer that covers 170Hz to 3.5kHz with boost or cut of 16db; and a Blend control that mixes the amount of SansAmp emulation with the direct (dry) instrument level output. A new feature to SansAmp pedals is the Effect Loop that doubles the function of the 1/4 inch output jack and input XLR jack by turning them into Send and Return jacks.

The SansAmp Acoustic DI sells for $225 retail. For much more, contact Tech 21, Inc., 790 Bloomfield Avenue Clifton, NJ. Telephone 973-777-6996, Fax 973-777-9899. Web site: or E-mail:

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