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Tech 21 Bass Compactor

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The Bass Compactor is an active tone control and compressor pedal designed for bass guitar. The word "active" is important here since you can add an active sound to basses with passive pickups such as old Fender P-Basses. The Compactor offers the choice between equalization before or after the compressor section just as in a pro recording studio situation.

An all-analog unit, there are compression ratios from 1:1 to 15:1 that offer compression ranges from the most subtle enhancement to outright maximum squash for taming the most violent of playing techniques. You can use the compression by itself or just use the EQ. The Bass Compactor can also be used solely for a clean boost of up to 6dB for solos or "step-outs". Controls include: Comp, Low EQ, High EQ and Level. Powered by a single nine volt, you can also use the optional 9V DC power supply (Tech 21 Model #DC2). The suggested retail price is $125.

For much more, contact Tech 21, Inc., 790 Bloomfield Avenue Clifton, NJ. Telephone 973-777-6996, Fax 973-777-9899. Web site: or E-mail:

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