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SansAmp RPM

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SansAmp RPM

The "real deal" not a software plug-in version, RPM is SansAmp's Acoustic DI pedal packaged in a one-rack space hardware unit. You get the same parametric equalizer and SansAmp processing as Acoustic DI but RPM adds the very essential Drive control. Bass and Treble tone controls cut or boost +/-12dB and the sweepable, semi-parametric equalizer goes from 170Hz to 3.0 kHz with up to 16dB boost or cut. The Blend control mixes SansAmp processed audio with the direct instrument signal coming in from the front panel 1/4-inch jack and there's a separate level control for the XLR output.

SansAmp RPM is designed for use at the mixing console in the recording studio or at the FOH mixer in live sound. Other pro features recording engineers like to use are: an effects loop with a Mix 50/50 switch for series or parallel operation, rear 1/4-inch input and XLR output jacks with selectable levels, a buffered unaffected XLR output (good for recording a dry signal to a separate track for reamping later), footswitch bypass jack, and footswitch output to chain and toggle between either the SansAmp RBI or SansAmp PSA.

RPM sells for $395 MSRP and for much more contact Tech 21, Inc. in Clifton, NJ. Telephone them at: 973-777-6996 or visit:

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