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Tech 21's SansAmp XDI is an instrument hardware interface for direct guitar recording using the Pro Tools SansAmp PSA-1 plug-in co-developed by Tech 21 and California software company the Bomb Factory. Field-effect transistor circuitry is used to get a proper, natural guitar signal into your computer's analog-to-digital converter/interface. Features include both balanced XLR and low impedance 1/4 inch outputs and two high impedance unbalanced inputs called Normal and Bright.

Housed in a sturdy cast aluminum box, SansAmp XDI measures 4.5 inches x 3.5 inches x 1.5 inches. It will run off your phantom power, 9V battery or an optional 9V DC power supply (Model #DC2). The suggested retail price is $95.00.

For much more, contact Tech 21, Inc., 790 Bloomfield Avenue Clifton, NJ. Telephone 973-777-6996, Fax 973-777-9899. Web site: or E-mail:

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