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TerraTec EWS MIC8+ Audio Interface From Fostex

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TerraTec EWS MIC8+ Audio Interface The EWS MIC8+ Audio System is a professional all-in-one computer interface/preamplifier/converter system with eight balanced high-quality line and microphone inputs and eight balanced outputs. This system is broken into two parts: a 19-inch rack mounted module and, connected by a cable, the EWS88 PCI card that fits inside your computer. Performance features common to both the MIC8 (which has eight mic pres) and the MIC2 are: 48V phantom powering, a low-cut filter on each channel, ADAT interface, an EWS88 PCI card including cable, 24-bit S/PDIF, 2 MIDI ports, word clock I/O and programmable source routing. The MIC2 interface uses two high quality microphone amplifiers developed in co-operation with SPL Germany.

In addition to direct operation via the TerraTec EWS88 PCI card, the EWS MIC8+ Audio System can also be used independently. It'll serve as a 24-bit/96-kHz AD/DA converter with 106dB (A-weighted) signal-to-noise ratio performance when connected to ADAT devices or cards using Lightpipe(tm), TOS-Link interface, or S/PDIF.

The EWS MIC8+ Audio System sells for $1,999 MSRP or $1,699 for the MIC2. TerraTec Electronic is Germany's largest manufacturer of sound cards and one of the biggest multimedia enterprises in Europe. Available through Fostex America, for more information, contact Fostex Corporation at 15431 Blackburn Ave. Norwalk, CA 90650. Telephone 562-921-1112 or visit

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