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Power Brights from Thomastik-Infeld

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Power Brights are just one line of electric guitar strings made by established guitar string maker Thomastik-Infeld. Available in this country for 30 years, Thomastik-Infeld is located in Vienna, Austria and has been making metal strings since they were invented. Power Brights are round wound with MagnaCore alloy on a flexible hex core for a bright and aggressive tone, extra long sustain and reduced playing effort. Designed to enhance harmonics with high frequency boost, Power Brights are said to love distortion. There are sets of strings from Extra Light with .008 to 0.040 to Light with .009 to .042 or Medium Light with .010 to .045 and finally Medium with .011 to .046. There is also the Power Brights Heavy Bottom Series that are made the same but have heavier gauges toward the basses for players who like the fatter tone in the lower mids and bass. They come in .009 to .046, .010 to .050 and the heaviest at .011 to .053.

Thomastik-Infeld makes Classical and Concert Guitar Strings, Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Electric Jazz and Archtop Guitar strings both for Swing and BeBop, the Power Brights for Rock/Blues/Country and Sliders for Blues players who want a big, round tone. Custom sets are also available for twelve string players, Nashville high strung use or any other combination in either flatwound or round wound. For much more about these strings, you can contact the U.S. importer John M.Connolly at 800-644-5268.

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