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Slicsound by Titron Media

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Slicsound by Titron Media Slicsound is a soft, precisely shaped ear piece designed and molded to fit most popular in-ear monitor buds or just ordinary personal stereo earphones. Made from a special FDA approved silicone, they are custom-fitted to be worn comfortably and safely for long time periods. Slicsound works by creating an acoustic chamber that is said to direct incoming sound correctly into the aural cavity thereby cutting out all ambient or background noise. This would make music more distinct and clearer but with less overall volume required.

The custom fit prevents users' ear pieces from inadvertently falling out allowing more vigorous activity such as dancing, jogging, rollerblading, skateboarding or just hard head-shaking and grooving. Selling for $14.95, Slicsound is distributed by Titron Media US, Inc. Visit:

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