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Trace Elliot's Speed Twin C30

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The C30 is all-tube 30 watt Class A combo and is the smallest of the Speed Twin range. Sharing many features of its bigger brothers, the 50 and 100 watt Speed Twins, the C30 has a single 12- inch speaker and two channels with switchable high/low gain, an Accutronics reverb and effects loop. The two independent channels provide access to both clean sounds and ruder lead and rhythm tones.

The C30 is housed in a 3/4 inch plywood cabinet with gold plated jack sockets. The electronics chassis is 16 gauge zintec and shares many features of big, loud American amps. For much more about it, you can contact Trace Elliot in England at 01621 851851. The address is: Trace Elliot Ltd., Maldon Essex CM9 4GG England. Web at:

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