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Custom cymbal specialists UFIP have "classed" their cymbals into three lines: Bionic, Class and Natural cymbal series. Bionic are high and bright sounding with added emphasis to the higher overtones. These are suggested for hard rock, drum corps or anywhere added power and projection is required. The Class series is a balance between high, middle and lows. These cymbals are said to have midrange articulation and decay with a "shimmer" quality.

The Natural series are old school all the way with a darker tonality. These are good Jazz or World Beat cymbals. For much more about these new cymbals you can contact DW Workshop Inc., at 101 Bernoulli Circle, Oxnard, CA 93030. Call them at: 805-485-6999 or FAX at: 805-485-1334. WEB at: or UFIP Corporate at: or E-mail to:

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