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UFIP's Ximbau Percussion

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The Ximbau by UFIP is a three-sided cymbal with multiple tambourine jingles, rivets or steel washers attached. The sound when struck with your hand or drum stick is a short, bright trashy mix of china cymbal and tambourine. There are three sizes: Piccolo (smallest), Medio (medium) and Grande. They mount on a standard cymbal stand or stacker and are becoming popular for Afro Cuban, Latin, Hip-Hop and Techno music. UFIP from Italy are available through Drum Workshop. For much more about these new cymbals you can contact DW Workshop Inc., at 101 Bernoulli Circle, Oxnard, CA 93030. Call them at: 805-485-6999 or FAX at: 805-485-1334. WEB at: or UFIP Corporate at: or E-mail to:

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