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Vibro-Tek's Double Whammy

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Made by Helmut Schaller, the Vibro-Tek Double Whammy has two, separated bridge plates and two whammy bars that allow the guitarist to bend pitch of the top three strings or the bottom three strings separately. In the "neutral position", the vibrato acts and plays like a fixed bridge. You can bend the top three strings (G, B and E) while the bottom three strings remain constant. Conversely, you can bend the bottom three while the top three stay still.

The Double Whammy can be retro-fitted into any guitar already fitted with a standard vibrato tailpiece without any additional carpentry work. The strings tune from the tuning pegs not from the bridge. The precision hinge mechanism allows for one octave of pitch change yet returns the vibrato to exact pitch every time. The Vibro-Tek Double Whammy sells for $279 retail and you can get more info at: Vibro-Tek Industries 12911-109 Ave., Surrey BC. V3T 2N1. Phone them at 604-517-1677, Toll-free is 877-511-1677 or FAX 604-517-1633 or E-mail: or Web to:

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