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SpaceOpera is a unique, total performance system for this millenium's performing DJ. SpaceOpera starts with the PCDJ Mini Tower, a customized computer running a speedy, state-of-the-art 466mHz Intel® Celeron™ Processor, with Microsoft™ Windows® 98 and the PCDJ Digital 1200sl™ software pre-loaded, 64 MB RAM, a huge 20 gigabyte Hard Disk Drive capable of storing many MP3 files, a super-fast 48X CD-ROM drive, a keyboard, mouse and a 56K modem for fast dial up connection for downloading MP3 files and accessing an on-line database of CD information. It would seem that in order to stay musically super-current, DJ's will be using the Web to trade mixes and find out what styles are going over with their respective audiences all over the world. This computer is combined with a Korg Kaoss Pad, and a Numark analog audio mixer. You can control the 1200 software from the LCD display and use the Kaoss Pad to scratch digital files, sample digital files, loop, control 60 effects programs-perfect for break beat, remix and live performance (including reverb, delay, filter, flanger and more). You can also pitch shift, time stretch, retrigger, and reverse sample phrases with touchpad control and fingertip precision. For much more about all of this, Web to:

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