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Vivastar Super High Quality CD-R Blanks

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Vivastar Vivastar, a Switzerland-based manufacturer of DVD and CD storage media products throughout the world has launched their initial marketing into the US and Canada with CD-Rs. Their product line includes both 650Mb/74-minute and 700Mb/80-minute CD-R discs and 650Mb/74-minute CD-RWs. The new CD-Rs are 2X to 16X compatible and the CD-RW discs are 1X to 4X compatible. Vivastar also makes both 650Mb and 700Mb discs with 1X to 8X performance to work with Philips International's professional-grade audio CD technology.

Vivastar makes their own patented metalized dye that allows for better burn-in and playback and they produce all discs with their own original equipment and technology. Based in Zug, Switzerland, Vivastar has their North American operations in Plainville, Massachusetts and for much more about them and these discs including the new DVD-R discs available in March, 2001, contact them at 508-699-1741 or Web to:

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