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Waves Waves has added the Renaissance Reverberator to their Renaissance Collection...the newest and third addition to this premier series of Pro-Tools plug-ins. For TDM users, note that the Renaissance Compressor has been updated with 56-bit dithering and the Renaissance Equalizer now has a 48-bit dithered to 24-bit output. The Renaissance Collection is available is both TDM formats and Native formats including RTAS, AudioSuite, VST, DirectX and MAS. The entire collection now uses a challenge/response copy protection arrangement instead of the old hardware dongle. Up to 96kHz sample rate is supported for the Native versions.

The new reverb is included in the Waves' Gold TDM package, Waves' Gold Native and the Waves' Renaissance Collection for TDM and Native. Waves has recently upgraded all of its plug-in processors to version 3.0 with features such as: 48-bit double precision on many; graphical enhancements; more processors per bundle; and no more dongles.

For much more about Waves and all their collections of plug-ins, contact Waves at 306 West Depot Road, Ste 100, Knoxville, TN 37917. Phone them at: 865-546-6115 or Web to:

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