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German manufacturer Wizoo has new loop CD-ROMs that come in both audio AIFF formats as well as ready-to-run Logic Audio and Cubase VST files, each in a Windows and a MacIntosh version.

The Platinum24 Drum Series has two CDs ready for samplers using the Akai-S1000 format. Disc 1 is the Platinum24 Acoustic Drums CD featuring 40 drum kits, including percussion and reverb kits (Lexicon 480L). Using a very special 16-way microphone setup, all instruments were recorded digitally in 24-bit format. The focus of Disc 2, the Platinum24 Electronic Drums, is Roland's classic TR-808 and TR-909 sounds. Here too, all sounds were recorded in 24-bit format to assure maximum punch and transparency. Both CDÍs sell for $99.95 each.

The Wizoo RudeLoopz CD-ROM are down to the ground drum grooves recorded live to up to eight separate tracks, but you get finished stereo mixes as part of the package. Using a variety of microphone placements and effects processors such as filters and distortion, the CD offers a whole universe of useful sounds to music songwriters and producers. RudeLoopz comes in audio AIFF format and also as Logic Audio and CuBase VST files. RudeLoopz also sells for $99.95.

For much more about the Wizoo family, contact Wizoo USA c/o Music Trade Center at 495 Lorimer Street Brooklyn, NY 11211. Call them at: 800-579-4832. Web to:

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