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Yamaha's Silent Electric Violin

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This stylish instrument allows you to put on a pair of headphones, hear a concert quality violin with your choice of performance environments. Since there is no internal sound amplifying cavity like a traditional violin, there is very little actual acoustical output coming from the instrument. There is a high quality audio pickup that captures the basic tone of the instrument and then processes it through a battery-powered, on-board digital effects unit.

You can select between several different performance spaces from concert halls to practice rooms. You can also connect the instrument to external equipment for public performance or recording. In addition, there is an auxiliary input on the violin for connecting external sound sources such as a CD player so that you can play along and practice with pre-recorded music tracks. For loads more on this instrument you should contact Yamaha Corporation of America, Band & Orchestral Division at 616-940-4900 or e-mail to: or WEB at:

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