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Yamaha's SU10 Digital Sampler

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The SU10 is a handheld, stereo digital sampler. You can record and replay up to 48 separate stereo waveforms with a maximum sample rate equivalent to 44.1kHz. CD quality. The SU has four "song" memories whereby you may save sample-replay sequences that can be started and stopped at anytime for live performance. In addition, you may play other samples whilst a song memory is playing. There are five loop modes: no-loop, no-loop reverse, whole-loop, whole-loop reverse and partial loop. Loops can be triggered via MIDI, button/scratch or external input. Just like any digital sampler, samples can be edited (truncated), pitched, scaled, reversed and mixed in volume. All editing is graphically display on a large LCD that guides you through all modes and setups.

An unusual performance oriented feature is the Scratch Ribbon Controller. This ribbon allows you to "scratch" a sample by rubbing your finger on a ribbon pad in much the same way DJ's scratch vinyl records. The ribbon can be used to control both the pitch and the filter cutoff frequency of a sample as well as a crossfader between the SU10 and an external input. Once you have created your song, you may use MIDI Sample Dump to off load all samples and data to an external sequencer/computer.

The SU10 sells for $399 retail and comes with a CD collection of professional sounds to get you started. For more about it, contact Yamaha Corporation of America, Audio, Guitar and Synthesizer Division, P.O Box 6600 Buena Park, CA 90622-6600. Phone them at 714-522-9011 or E-mail to: or WEB to:

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