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Yamaha's SU700 Sampler

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The SU700 is a powerful hybrid sampler with sequencer, tone generator and drum machine. Yamaha has brought together three versions of their popular products in one table-top unit. This unit is for DJ and hip-hop music makers but all musicians could use its features.

Integral to the SU700 is the QY pattern-based music production approach that incorporates sampling and loop playback. You can sample from a CD (or any other source) into the SU and then edit it in any way. You may use the sequencer in real-time or step mode and it features 42 tracks with a resolution of 1/480 or 480ppqn. (pulses-per-quarter note) The tone generator uses AWM2 based technology while the sampler has a choice for 8-bit, 12-bit or 16-bit data formats. Sample rate is also adjustable from 44.1kHz down to 11.025kHz 8-bit mono. (You can low rate sample for a lo-res type of sound.) There are four Mb of memory standard with up to 64 Mb as an expandable option.

The front panel has a ribbon controller for virtual scratching as in vinyl record scratching and there are multiple outputs and an optional SCSI interface. For much more about the SU700 you can contact Yamaha Corporation of America, Audio, Guitar, Synthesizer Division, Digital Music Dept., P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, Ca 90622-6000. Call them at: 714-522-9011 or E-mail to: or WEB to:

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