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Yamaha Pro Audio has introduced the DSP Factory System with the DS2416 digital mixing card. The DS2416 goes in your own PC (sorry, no Macs right now) and provides a virtual version of the popular Yamaha 02R digital mixer plus 16 tracks of hard disk recording. Furthermore, the system will record with up to 32-bit precision and two cards can be linked. The DSP Factory has a full-time 24-channel digital mixer with two Yamaha effects processors similar to the REV500 and does not rely on the computer's internal processing capabilities. The card will allow eight tracks of simultaneous recording and 16 tracks of playback from the computer's own hard drive.

Features found in the 02R and in the DSP Factory are: 24-channel, 32-bit digital mixer with ten bus outputs and six aux sends; 104 bands of parametric EQ (that can be used in any combination); 26 dynamic processors; two effect processors; channel delay on 20 channels; comprehensive metering; digital cross-patching; two-channel 20-bit AD/DA converters; stereo digital input and output with 24-bit resolution and multichannel analog and digital I/O.

The DS2416 half-card installs in the PCI of any standard PC and uses the computer's CRT, keyboard and mouse. The card comes with both stereo analog and coaxial 20/24-bit digital inputs and outputs. The AX44 Audio Expansion Unit provides four analog inputs with two usable for direct input of microphone levels, four analog outputs and a headphone jack. The AX44 module occupies one drive bay slot in your PC tower and two AX44's will work with a single DS2416 card. Coming soon is the AX16-AT card that interfaces 16 digital inputs and outputs in the ADAT™ format. This would enable you to transfer multi-track audio back and forth from your ADAT stack.

Currently only PC/Win95 software drivers are available but MacIntosh drivers are in the works. Third-party software companies who are supporting the DSP Factory (as of 1/29/98) are: Cakewalk, Canam Computers, C-mexx, Emagic, IQS (Innovative Quality Software), Musicator, SEK'D, Sonic Foundry and Steinberg. The DSP Factory card sells for under $1,000 and for more about it, contact Yamaha Corp. Pro Audio & Combo Division at P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622. Phone them at 714-522-9011. or E-mail to: or WEB to: also WEB at:

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