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Zeta Acoustic Pro 5-String Violin

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Zeta Acoustic Pro 5-String Violin Zeta Music Systems' Performer Series instruments are traditional acoustic violins, violas, cellos and upright basses that have Zeta's patented pickup systems and active electronics for feedback-free acoustic tone. The 5-string Acoustic Pro violin uses a traditional maple violin bridge with an E-series pickup system, 9-volt preamp, and standard 1/4 inch output jack. The traditionally varnished acoustic violin body features a neck with a fifth, low C string that extends its range into the viola's bailiwick. The fingerboard has to be a little wider that standard violins so the strings are spaced slightly closer together for a playable compromise.

The Acoustic Pro 5-string violin is good for professional performers and students alike searching for versatility in electric-acoustic violins with the range and versatility of a viola and violin in one instrument. The Model EV05-VAR Acoustic Pro 5-String violin sells for $1,895 MSRP and for more information, contact ZETA Music Systems, Inc. 2230 Livingston St. Oakland, CA 94606. Telephone 510-261-1702 or visit

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