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Zildjian Azuka Sombrero Hi Hats

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Zildjian Azuka Sombreros Drummer Alex Acuna originally designed the Azuka cymbals for Avedis Zildjian and for all Latin and World music. The 14-inch Azuka Sombreros are part of the Zildjian Sound Effects range of cymbals and were designed by Efrain Toro and can be played by stick or by hand. The 14-inch top cymbal is regularly finished and features the Azuka Multi-Crash design with a turned over edge. The smaller 13 3/4 inch lower cymbal is riveted with jingles. Its slightly smaller size (and the larger top cymbal) protects your hands from hitting it and adds body to the overall sound when you play the hats closed. The bottom cymbal features a Mastersound edge for a crisp and clear "chick" sound.

The new 14-inch Azuka Sombrero Hi Hats sell for $392 MSRP a pair or $196 each separately. Much more about these cymbals at Avedis Zildjian Company at 22 Longwater Drive, Norwell, MA 02061. WEB at:

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