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Edge Series from Zildjian

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Priced between the A. Zildjian and Scimitar Bronze, the new Edge range is a whole new type of especially designed cymbal. The new Edges are made from sheet bronze and have a new look and an all new intense, sharp sound.

The Zildjian Edges come in: 16-inch and 18-inch Razor Crash, 14, 16, and 18-inch Razor Thin Crash, 20-inch Solid Ride, 14-nch Max-Hats, 10- inch Flash Crash and 16 and 18-inch Total Chinas. As always, Zildjian combines centuries of family cymbal-making knowledge and tradition with the most advanced, modern manufacturing techniques. For more information about these new cymbals you can contact Avedis Zildjian Company at 22 Longwater Drive, Norwell, MA 02061. WEB at:

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