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Zachary Vex offers a line of handmade stomp boxes that do very specialize and wonderful things to the sound of a perfectly good working electric guitar. Zach's two most popular boxes are the Fuzz Factory and the Seek-Wah. The Fuzz Factory, at $300, allows you to redesign the circuit by way of the knobs allowing you to create a wide variety of both original and copycat tones. You'll get sounds similar to theremins, jet engines or short wave radios. This could be the mother of all fuzz tones.

The Seek-Wah, at $350, is a '60's wah-wah pedal controlled by an analog sequencer instead of a pedal. You can adjust and set eight different wah pedal settings with eight separate small knobs. The sequencer switches or "steps" through the eight settings in a controllable tempo adjusted with another knob. The sonic result is sort of like a tremolo effect but more synthetic and interesting. The Seek-Wah is good for other instruments or as an "after-the-fact" post processor as well.

For more information about the rest of this wacky line of crazy pedals for rich people, you should contact Z. Vex Effects at 2641 Girard Avenue South #5, Minneapolis. MN 55408 or call 612-374-5047 or E-mail to:

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