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Aguilar Amplification AG 5P-60 and AG 5P/J-HC hum-canceling Pickup Sets

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Aguilar AG 5P-60 and AG 5P/J-HC Bass Pickup Sets Pictured are Aguilar Amplification's new AG 5P-60 five-string P-Bass® pickup and AG 5P/J-HC hum-canceling pickup sets. The AG 5P-60 fits into a five-string style P-Basses with the same sound of the AG 4P-60. The AG 5P/J-HC set are matched five-string Precision® and Jazz®-style pickups including the AG 5P-60 and an AG 5J-HC bridge pickup.

Like all Aguilar pickups, the AG 5P-60 and AG 5P/J-HC set are wound in Aguilar's NYC factory and use Alnico V magnets.

The AG 5P-60 sells for $119 and the AG 5P/J-HC pickup set sells for $209.

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