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Allen & Heath ICE-16 Interface/Capture

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Allen & Heath ICE-16 Interface/Capture

Allen & Heath has introduced a brand new product, the ICE-16. The ICE-16 is dual-purpose: it is a 16-channel In/Out Firewire 400/USB 2.0 audio interface for you computer's DAW and it also works standalone, capturing high quality multi-track recordings directly to a fast, USB thumb drive.

A 1-rack space unit, the ICE-16 records and playbacks 16-channels at up to 24- bit, 96kHz resolution. Alternately in standalone mode, 16-channels of audio, at up to 48-kHz/24-bit can be simultaneously recorded straight to a USB hard drive or memory stick/thumb drive. The ICE-16 is expandable with several units linkable for recording many channels.

Allen & Heath ICE-16 Interface/Capture

Allen & Heath's ICE-16 connects to any audio mixer or analogue source using 1/4-inch input jacks and RCA output jacks. Signal present and peak LEDs are provided for each channel showing either input or output. There is assignable headphone monitoring and ASIO drivers and Core Audio support for MAC and PC DAWs running Logic, Sonar, Cubase and Pro Tools.

Suggested MAP is $999. Learn more at

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