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Ampeg V-4B Reissue

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Ampeg V-4B Reissue The Ampeg Classic Series V-4B reissue head is a faithful recreation of the V-4B 100-watt all-tube bass amp head. The original goes back to 1971 and this looks like a baby 'bro to the Ampeg SVT head at about 1/3 the power and less than half the weight at 41 lbs. You get the vintage rocker switches, the integrated chassis suspension system and the Ampeg SVT "crank" of the those old amps but in a more portable unit. The V-4B is the same width as the SVT-CL and SVT-VR head and fits securely onto any Classic Series Ampeg cabinet including the all-new SVT-112AV and SVT-212AV.

The V-4B uses four 6L6GC power tubes, three-band tone controls, and three-position switch for mid-tone control, plus a balanced line out for direct recording or live. Besides modern reliability, updates include an integrated DI with ground lift, a -15dB input for active basses and a range of speaker outputs at different impedances.

The new Ampeg V-4B reissue sells for $1,819.99 MSRP and for more information on it and other Ampeg Classic Series gear check

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